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hello there! so glad you

vancouver children photographer amy lee

I’m Amy – tea lover, chocolate eater and kale chip maker

I’m a Vancouver children photographer who celebrates the relationship between a mother and each of her children.

I photograph children with their mother or father bonding and connecting, laughing and playing, and sharing hugs and kisses with each other. During a photography session, we play lots of games and I ask silly questions to capture the most authentic, real and meaningful moments between them. These photos we create will remind them how much they are loved and cherished.

these are my two loves

Elle and Jay.

I kiss the little guy about 378 times a day. I want to give my beautiful girl as many kisses too but she is really good at running away from me.

Hanging out in our garden is my most favourite thing to do with them. It’s a place where we smell flowers, eat fresh-picked strawberries and roll around laughing like nobody’s business.

I am present here. Free of responsibilities, worries and distractions.

It’s my happy place.

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…motherhood inspiration, photography tips, fun things to do with your kids, my parenting journey…all the things I care about. Check out the blog.

If you’re reading this, we probably have a lot in common.

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