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As a mother, it can sometimes seem as if your child is growing up too fast and you simply don’t have the chance to capture all of the memories you wanted to. Or, you can be concerned that when your kids are grown, they won’t remember the special moments you shared when they were just a baby. If either is the case, getting professional photos from a Langley family photographer can be a great way to ensure that both you and your kids have the opportunity to remember this period of time for the rest of your lives.

During the photography session, I will ask both of you questions such as why you love each other and include them in the finished photos so you not only have the images but the verbal memories as well.

I want her to be able and look back on all of the wonderful moments we shared together, mother and daughter…the fact that they’re some of the few photos I have of my girl and I just makes them that much more special.   – Jen Kossowan

photography for mothers who loves their children

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I am a Langley photographer that specializes in showcasing the special mother-child bond and because of this, I know the best ways to help you and your child remember this moment forever. Although I specialize on the mother-child bond, my services as a Langley family photographer are available for any type of parental-child session, whether your child is a newborn or a teen. My services are great for moms who want their child to have the best of everything, from food to clothing and even mementos in the form of photographs showcasing your love. That is why I encourage mothers to write a letter to their child as part of the process and will include that letter in the framed photographs or coffee table book depending on where they want it.

I love looking at my photos on the wall. I love to just stand in the moment and read my letters. They still bring tears to my eyes each time. 
  - Kelley Saunders

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As a mother you have two options for sessions. The Be: Together session lasts two hours while the Just: Be option is around 20 minutes, making it ideal if you have a toddler or newborn with a short attention span.

In the Be: Together session, we will take the photographs in a place that holds memories for you and your child such as:

  • Your home
  • Sendall Gardens Langley
  • Campbell Valley Regional Park
  • City Park Langley

With this option, you are able to customize your order by selecting items a la carte such as large photos to create a gallery, a Storybook Album, a canvas storyboard and even smaller prints for gifts.

If you opt for the shorter Just: Be photo session, it will take place in the studio and you would select from a package with items such as prints, a coffee table book and a storyboard. No matter which session you choose, I will make it as fun as possible as we will play games and chat, providing great natural photographs of you and your baby or child.


‘It makes my daughter feel very loved and valued to see beautiful portraits of her and us around our home and in her grandparent’s homes.’   – Leanne Liakos

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If you are a mother who really wants to showcase and preserve her special bond with her children, contact me today to create tangible expressions of your love.

Simply fill out the form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours. We will talk over the phone to go over your options for photo sessions and packages depending on what you require. During this time, I will work hard to get to know you, allowing me to capture your personality (and that of your child) and genuine expressions in the photographs.

You can also email me or call me at 604.339.6980.

I was surprised by how emotional I became when I first saw the images Amy captured. The image of me laughing with Grady is a perfect representation of what life with Grady is like right now: a cheeky grin, curls everywhere, a bit messy, and so many laughs. I’m so glad that I have these treasures to share with Grady when he’s older.   – Hillary Westover