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You will find a great deal of North Vancouver photography that claims to have a message but few messages can be more important than that you will find within my photography: the love between you and your child. That is because as a mother, your child is of the utmost importance to you and because of that you want to be sure that they know just how much you love them. One of the best ways to go about doing this is to visit a North Vancouver photographer who like me specializes in capturing the mother-child bond.

This is so important because the relationship between a mother and her child is unique and deserves to be remembered for the rest of both of your lives. This photography will not only have a visual message, but if you wish I can also add a verbal message as well. I will ask you and your child questions during the portrait session and add pieces of the answers to the artwork. You also have the option to write a letter to your child that will be included in the final product.

These are pictures my daughter and I will treasure forever and be reminded of the fun we had not only on this day, but on all the special moments we have shared in our lives as mother and daughter.    - Vanda Coles

photography for mothers who loves their children

north vancouver baby photographer

As a mother you truly love your child and want to find a way to show that love for eternity. You probably are concerned about being able to remember all of the little moments in your child’s life but if you opt for my North Vancouver photography showcasing the mother-child bond that will not be an issue, at least for this stage in the development of your baby. That is because I will be able to capture your interactions with your child as well as your conversations and feelings for each other, allowing you to more easily relive this memory for the rest of your life.

We were so pleased with how the photo session went; we were so comfortable with her, the questions she asked were original & unexpected, in a good way. We had a lot of fun and had many laughs. The session was very natural, especially being in our everyday environment.   – Genny Wong

north vancouver newborn baby photographyI offer two options for photography sessions, Be: Together and Just: Be.

Be: Together Portraits is a two hour long session that takes place in a location of your choice. I encourage you to choose a location that you and your child spend plenty of time at as this will allow the portraits to bring back many memories. Some popular locations in the North Shore include:

  • Your home
  • West Vancouver Lighthouse Park
  • Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver
  • Deep Cove Park in North Vancouver

The Just: Be session is much shorter at between 15 and 20 minutes, which makes it ideal if your child is at the age where they prefer not to do one thing for too long. This option will take place in my photo studio but is just as fun as the other option. In both types of sessions, we will spend the time playing and talking so I can get to know you and your child in order to better capture your personalities and love in the photographs.

‘…looking at Amy’s images just made me feel completely elated and filled with pride in my sweet boys.  The way she captured our expressions just made my heart absolutely melt you can see the love and joy immediately.’   – Eschelle Westwood

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The best way to get in touch with me to learn more or book a session is through the contact form below. Once you fill it out, I will contact you to discuss what you want to get out of the session, your options and your budget. My goal is to make your portrait experience exactly what you want and give you artwork so you and your children will remember how much you both are loved and cherished.

You can also email me or call me at 604.339.6980.

The session itself was so fun. I was worried that Grady would be shy or uncooperative (he’d had a bad sleep the night before) but Amy was so patient with him. She got down on his level and really drew him out of his shell. I was so impressed by how comfortable she made both me and Grady feel. It didn’t feel like we were posing for photographs. It felt like we were just hanging out and chatting with a friend (who happened to be snapping photos of us.)   – Hillary Westover