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As a mother it can sometimes be difficult to show your children just how much they mean to you. You will try to do the best you can for them in terms of getting them the best things such as clothing, food and even toys but at times it doesn’t feel as if this is enough. If you are looking for another way to help show your love for your children in a tangible way, consider my baby photography in Surrey that centers on the mother-child bond.

This photography will not only provide you with a constant reminder of your love for your child, but it will do the same for them as well and when your child grows up, they will still have this moment to treasure forever as a tangible expression of the love between you.

Everyday we get to look at these photos and know that these are genuine representations of our lives. These images remind us how precious Seffe is to us. Decades from now, we’ll still be able to look back on these photos and not just remember the date they were taken but remember all the good memories those photos represent before and after.   – Genny Wong

baby photography in surrey

While I am not the only Surrey newborn photographer, I am the only one that specifically focuses on the mother-child bond. My photos and packages are designed to truly provide you and your child with a tangible expression of your love that can last a lifetime. Although these photographs are very popular for mothers with a baby or newborn, there are sessions available for those of all ages.

My services are ideal for moms who love their children and feel they don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done and spend time with them as well. That is because not only will the portraits be a memory of your child, but during the portrait session you will have extra time to really enforce your mother-child bond.

‘These are pictures my daughter and I will treasure forever and be reminded of the fun we had not only on this day, but on all the special moments we have shared in our lives as mother and daughter.’   – Vanda Coles


baby photo - surrey photographerWhen you opt for photography that will give you a tangible expression of love between you and your newborn baby or child, I can provide you with two options for sessions. If your children has a good attention span and would be up for a two hour session, you can opt for the Be:Together Portraits session. The great thing about this option is that you get to choose the location so the photographs will be done somewhere you and your child are comfortable and have memories. Some suggestions include:

  • Your home
  • Whiterock Pier (in South Surrey)
  • Bear Creek Park
  • Surrey Crescent Beach

Your second option is the Just:Be Portraits session which will last around 15 – 20 minutes at my photography studio, making it ideal for younger children with short attention spans. This option is a bit more affordable and will take place in the studio. With either option you will be able to choose what types of prints or items you want, including a photo storyboard and a coffee table book.

Grae had been up extra early that morning and it was very near nap time, but Amy was incredibly patient and creative with the ways she engaged her. The shoot itself was laid-back and short, which is any toddler mama’s dream.   – Jen Kossowan

If you are interested in one of the family photo sessions, simply fill out the contact form below. I will call you back and we will chat a bit and arrange a time to meet. During our meeting we will discuss your entire portrait and session options as well as what you are looking for. I will help you select the right option for you based on a variety of factors such as the age of your child, your budget and what tangible expressions of love you want to walk away with.

Her determination to capture the naturally occurring love between a mother and her children is reflected in the beauty of the pictures that result, and her love and passion for what she does shine through throughout the entire process.   – Arianna Coles