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A mother’s love for her child is of the utmost importance but sometimes we mothers lose sight of the most important things in life.

Occasionally our busy lives will get in the way and we will come home from a bad day at work and not be able to give our children all the love they deserve. A great way to remind both us and our children about the love we have for them is with photographic memories in our home.

I am a Vancouver children photographer with the experience as well as products to help you get a beautiful piece of art for your home that will constantly remind you of the special mother-child bond you share.

My breath is taken away every time I look at the images. They bring a smile and memories of the photo session to me all over again. They make my heart skip a beat at how amazing the photos are because they’ve captured our love of each other so incredibly.   – Genny Wong

children photographer VancouverWhile there are many family photographers in the Vancouver area, if you as a mother want a series of photos that showcase your mother-child bond, there is only one option that truly focuses on that.

I have created my packages and designed my services to focus on mothers with kids of any age (from a baby or newborn to a toddler or even teens and adults) who simply want to show their love for their child. This service is great for moms who feel guilty when they don’t get to spend enough time with their kids and simply enjoy having fun with their families.

If you are concerned about missing a stage in your child’s life or simply want to preserve the memories, using me as your Vancouver children photographer is the answer.

‘…the pictures truly embody the love in our relationship. I will always look up to my mom, and my kids would be able to see how much I love her, and vice versa, through the pictures and the letter in the album.’   – Arianna C (daughter)

vancouver children photoThe purpose of the photography session is for mothers or fathers to connect and bond with each of their children individually – just you spending one on one time with your child and having beautiful images of the two of you together.

The most important thing you can give your child is your time, no matter what their age. Spending this time during the photo session gave us some quality time together to focus only on each other and the love and respect we have shared throughout the years which continues to grow.   – Vanda Coles

I offer two options for sessions – Just: Be Portraits and Be: Together Portraits.

be:together portraits

The first option is called Be: Together Portraits and will last two hours. We will do this session in a location of your choice, but I encourage you to choose a location that you and your child feel the most comfortable and have memories. Some popular options for these children photography sessions include:

• Your home
• Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver
• Stanley Park in Vancouver
• Jericho Beach in Vancouver

The key is to select a location that will provide you with memories for years to come. If you select the Be:Together Portraits session, you can select what types of artwork you want and customize your order to your wishes for you and your child.

just: be portraits

The other option is a 15 – 20 minute session in my studio called Just: Be Portraits where you would select from a variety of packages. In either case, you will get whatever you desire including prints, a coffee table book or a storyboard among other options. You can even write a letter to your child that will be framed with a photograph of your choice.

I love looking at my photos on the wall. They help to keep me grounded…I love to just stand in the moment and read my letters. They still bring tears to my eyes each time.   – Keeley Saunders

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If you are interested in photography of your kids to help you remember what is most important, fill out the contact form below. I will give you a call and we will discuss what you want to get out of the session and decide which options are best for you. We will discuss factors such as the age(s) of your child(ren), your budget and what end result you want. I will also work hard to get to know both you and your child to help make this a complete experience.

You can also email me or call me at 604.339.6980.

When I received our images from the session, I was blown away.  They perfectly capture the simple, raw moments of being Gracen’s mama that I never want to forget.   – Jen Kossowan